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Serving all of Broward, north Miami-Dade, and southern Palm Beach counties including the following communities:

  • Boca Raton
  • Boynton Beach
  • Coconut Beach
  • Coconut Creek
  • Coral Springs
  • Cooper City
  • Dania
  • Davie 
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Hallandale
  • Hialeah
  • Hillsboro Beach
  • Hollywood
  • Lauderdale Lakes
  • Lauderhill
  • Lighthouse Point
  • Margate
  • Miramar
  • Parkland
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Plantation 
  • Pompano
  • Pompano Beach
  • Southwest Ranches
  • Tamarac
  • Weston
  • and more


Bark Busters training is ideal for: aggressive behavior, basic obedience, chewing, digging, jumping up, nuisance barking, pulling on the leash, puppy training, separation anxiety, toileting in the house, and much more!

Welcome to South Florida Bark Busters!

Training Dogs the Aussie Way!

Developed in Australia, our dog-friendly training techniques leverage the same communications methods - body language and voice control - that dogs follow as part of their instinctual pack mentality. All training takes place in the home. Our all-natural methods are effective with any dog, any age - including puppies. Learn more!

We are the team of Bark Busters behavioral therapists and trainers serving North Miami-Dade, Broward and Southern Palm Beach counties. We have trained over 6,000 clients to be the "leader of the pack" right in the comfort of their own homes, using all-natural, dog-friendly techniques. We would be delighted to help you, too.
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Bruce & Robin Edwards
North Miami Dade County
Greater Broward County

Susan McNichol
Northeast Broward County
Greater Palm Beach County

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Guaranteed Lifetime Support.

Guaranteed Lifetime Support

Bark Busters offers the only lifetime support of its kind.  We believe it has no equal anywhere in the world.

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